Ruby The Tooth Fairy


It’s always so exciting

When you start to lose your teeth

Kids love to see their toothless grins


Sally has been waiting

And waiting for so long

That’s where our story begins


Cause like other kids, Sally will soon see

She’ll need some help from a fairy named Ruby


Oh, my!  My tooth is loose,

and it feels so wiggly!

All right!  My tooth is loose,

And I’m gettin’ so giggly!


Because this means that for the very first time

The tooth fairy will come for one of mine


And I’m getting so excited

Just to see

What she’s going to

leave for me


So I’m twisting with my fingers

Wiggling with my tongue

I’m gonna keep on working

Until this tooth is sprung


So Sally kept on working

She worked so hard for days

Until it finally happened

On the beach where she plays


As she walked along the shore,

She was searching for shells

Her tooth fell in the sand

And she began to yell


Oh no!, my tooth is lost

I don’t think it’ll ever be found

Oh rats!, my tooth is lost

and my smile has become a frown


Because this means that after all this time

the tooth fairy won’t give me a dime!


And I’m so sad because there will be

Nothing underneath the pillow for me


After seeing Sally’s tears,

Her mom knew

Exactly what was wrong

And what to do


“Have I ever told the tale

of the famous fairy sleuth?

There’s no need to worry,

she’ll find that lost tooth!


She’s Ruby,  (Ruby) the tooth fairy.

When you’ve got a gap in your grin,

that’s when she steps in.

She’s Ruby, (Ruby) extraordinary

she’s the first one on the scene

she’s the tooth collection queen!

She’s Ruby, (Ruby) the tooth fairy


Any molar malfunction

she handles it with ease

any canine conundrum

we need her expertise


Whether searching through the sandbox

or on the playground

Ruby is so talented

that tooth will be found!


She’s Ruby, (Ruby) the tooth fairy!

Flying through stardust and moonbeams

She’s the one you want on your team,

She’s Ruby, (Ruby) extraordinary!

She’ll never give up her pursuit

so all the kids can get their loot

She’s Ruby…


So don’t be afraid

if your tooth is misplaced

it will be alright

‘cause Ruby’s on the case


You can go to sleep Sally

without any cares

when you wake in the morning

and look under your pillow

you’ll see that Ruby’s been there