First Review of Thumb Wrestling Champions!

Thank you to Midwest Record for this fabulous first review of our album THUMB WRESTLING CHAMPIONS coming soon on September 7th!

GREEN ORBS/Thumb Wrestling Champions: Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Yogi Bear records back when I was a nascent music critic wearing baby clothes, but it would have been cool if there were records like this handy after I got tired of Yogi and Captain Kangaroo. A fully produced, theatrical feeling record that doesn’t talk down to the kids and kiddies, the sibs behind this pile on so heavily even the most ADD tyke won’t have time to get distracted. Get ‘em rocking out at an early age and they probably won’t go wrong. Killer stuff that even parents and grand parents will enjoy during quality time, this is the kind of stuff that raises the bar. They started out as You Tube stars and the paradigm is forever changed.