Twelve Steps To Eating Your Veggies


Twelve steps to eating your veggies

I hope this helps

I hope this helps


Step 1

Don’t freak out…. you’re gonna get through this

Step 2

Close your eyes….aim your fork so you won’t miss!

Step 3

Hold your nose …what you can’t smell, you cannot taste

Step 4

Hum your favorite tune…  and your veggies will vanish without a trace


Step 5

Say hello to your veggies…. I look forward to working with you

Step 6

Eat it fast……….Don’t think...just chew!

Step 7

Remember, just because it is green, doesn’t make it mean

Step 8

Just pretend you’re a rabbit...they love their green cuisine


Use this information to cure your frustrations

Make eating vegetation one big celebration

Just use our solution to cure your veggie confusion

And make a resolution for a veggie revolution

Step 9

People eat veggies everyday….some people think they’re delicious

Step 10

So take a deep breath… and remember… [breath]..   they’re nutritious

Step 11

Remember, even if you don’t like it, you’ll survive

Step 12

So take your first bite and realize…. you’re still alive!!!

You’re still alive

You’re still alive!


I hope this helps

I hope this helps