Twelve Steps To Eating Your Veggies


Twelve steps to eating your veggies

I hope this helps

I hope this helps


step 1

don’t freak out…. you’re gonna get through this

step 2

close your eyes….aim your fork so you won’t miss!

step 3

hold your nose …what you can’t smell, you cannot taste

step 4

hum your favorite tune…  and your veggies will vanish without a trace


step 5

say hello to your veggies…. I look forward to working with you

step 6

eat it fast……….Don’t think...just chew!


step 7

remember, just because it is green, doesn’t make it mean


step 8

just pretend you’re a rabbit...they love their green cuisine


Use this information

To cure your frustrations

Make eating vegetation

One big celebration


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To cure your veggie confusion

And make a resolution

For a veggie revolution


step 9

People eat veggies everyday….some people think they’re delicious


step 10

So Take a deep breath… and remember… [breath]..   they’re nutritious


step 11

Remember, even if you don’t like it, you’ll survive


step 12

So take your first bite!  and realize…. you’re still alive!!!

you’re still alive

you’re still alive!


…...I hope this helps

I hope this helps