The Duck Of Whistleburg



(spoken) This song is about a town called Whistleburg. It’s not like any other town you’ve been to. You see, the residents of Whistleburg are all animals . They’ve got chipmunks. They’ve got birds. You’d better believe they’ve got horses. And then there’s Monty. He’s the only duck in Whistleburg...but that’s about to change. Our story begins with a game of catch between Monty, his best friend Charlie the Chipmunk, and some of their friends.                

(sung) Once upon a time, in Whistleburg

Some friends were having fun

Charlie threw a ball,and it went in the lake

So the friends thought their game was done.


But luckily, Monty was there,

And only he could save the game.

See, Monty was a mallard and could swim for the ball.

It was his claim to fame


When Monty hit the water,

His friends, they all cheered

But not for him, you see

Another duck had appeared




"Hi everyone, is this your ball?

I saw it fall in the lake

It was out very far, but since I paddle so fast

It was a piece of cake


My name's Derek. I'm new in town.

I'd love to join in and play."




"Sure", said Charlie. "You seem really nice.

We hope that you’re here to stay."




Sung--As Monty walked away

he could hardly believe

there was a new duck in town.

He wished that duck would leave.


See Monty was upset,

'cause up until now

he had been the one and only

duck in the town.


He felt that he was special

He thought he was unique.

He loved being the only one

in town with webbed feet.


He said:




"I am the duck of Whistleburg,

I have been for years.

But this new duck's arrival

Has left me with fears.

What if I'm forgotten? What if I'm replaced?

That is a future I just cannot face!"




Sung--Next week in the choir hall

Monty quacked his solo in a song.

In walked Derek, the new duck in town.

Charlie had invited him along.





"Monty, do you mind

if Derek does the quacking?

His voice is so deep.

It's the sound we've been lacking."




Well Monty stood up

And walked to the door.

He turned around and shouted,




"I can't take it anymore!


I'm the one who quacks!

I'm the one who swims!

It's not fair that I would be

replaced by him.


Because, I am the Duck of Whistleburg!

I have been for years.

But you don't need me anymore.

Now that Derek is here.                    

I will be forgotten.

For I have been replaced."




“Wait, don’t you see

That's just not the case!

There's no need to be upset

yell, scream and shout.

We just wanted Derek to feel at home.

We weren't going to leave you out.


See, you're our friend Monty,

but Derek is too.

There's room in this town

for the both of you.


And it's ok for you

to feel pretty strange.

With another duck here,

it's been a big change.


But just because Derek

has come through the door,

it doesn't mean that we don't want you anymore!"




(Spoken) Monty sat and thought, then he looked around at his friends, smiled, and said..





"Now I see you wanted me

Here all along.

You weren't the ones that left me out.

I was the one who was wrong.


Our hearts aren't so tiny

That they fill up, oh no!

When new friends come along

our hearts make room and grow."




(sung) And so Monty turned

to Derek and then,

He asked the simple question




"Will you be my friend?"




And as the music played,

They sang for all to hear,



"We are the ducks of Whistleburg.

We will be for years.

And any new ducks that come along,

will be welcome here!"